Production Facilities

At KAMA we work closely with 3 different sized production facilities, chosen according to the following requirements.

  • The factory specializes in underwear production.

  • The factory is very quality minded.

  • The factory is responsive and enthusiastic.

  • ThereĀ“s a high degree of trust.

  • The size of the factory is suited smaller high end underwear productions.


Even the best factories make bad decisions, and even the best factories sometimes produce poor quality garments. What we at KAMA is experts at, is to find the best factories, negotiate the best terms and work closely with the factory, to assure that the orders we follow will get as much attention as is needed, to get the perfect result.

During production we are at the factory to make sure that everything runs smoothly until the goods leave the country. This enables us to guarantee a very high degree of quality. All our orders will be able to pass garment industry standard AQL 2,5 for major errors, and 4,0 for minor errors using inspection level II.

If an order should happen to fail an inspection, we will have each carton opened, each garment re-checked and welcome a re-inspection, all on our account !